Egyptian Paddle Doll Lesson

On April 11, 2011, in 3D, 3rd Grade, Mixed Media, by Kim Moore

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Topic/Lesson Title: Egyptian Paddle Dolls

Grade: 3rd

New York State Visual Art Standards:

  • Standard 1:      Creating, Performing and Participating in the Arts: Students will actively engage in the process that constitute creation and performance in the arts and participate in various roles in the arts.
  • Standard 4:      Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts: Students will develop an understanding of the personal and cultural forces that shape artistic communication and how the arts in turn shape the diverse cultures of past and present societies.

Students will:

  • Create an Egyptian inspired paddle doll
  • Students will learn about the significance of a Paddle Doll in the Egyptian culture and what types of designs and patterns were used when creating them.
  • Students will create various designs and patterns onto their Paddle Doll to make them look like clothes and will then add twine and beads to create hair on their doll.
  • Implement art knowledge of balance, line and pattern throughout their artworks.

Visual References:
Images of various Paddle Dolls Student Examples

Other Motivational Strategies, References and Materials:
Teacher Sample Teacher board

Materials and Supplies:

  • Pre cut Paddle Doll on cardboard
  • Thin twin Beads Glue Markers
  • Felt Pencils
  • Rulers

Ideas to Emphasize:

  • Use the teacher example, images and books for both references and motivation.
  • First create your designs and patterns onto your Paddle Doll by lightly drawing onto your pre-cut paddle Doll board with pencil, so it you mess up you can easily erase.
  • Remember to use a ruler to get those nice neat and straight lines throughout your piece.
  • After your design is complete you must first outline your design using a black marker.
  • Remember to use the thin-maker for the smaller more intricate designs
  • After all of your designs have been outlined using the marker you may then use the colored markers to fill in your designs.
  • When your designs have been fully colored in you will then take a small piece of twine and attach them to the back of the head using a glue gun. You can then begin to add beads to create the hair for your doll. Remember you can create a pattern throughout the hair using the beads. After all the beads have been added to the piece of twine you may then tie off the end of the twine so the beads cannot fall off.

We will talk about what the Egyptian Paddle dolls mean:

“The Paddle doll is a primitive flat wooden canoe or paddle shaped doll that are usually found in Upper Egypt. Paddle dolls are perhaps the oldest dolls. They were made by the Egyptians three thousand years ago and may be seen today in the British Museum in London.”

“They are called paddle dolls because they were made from thin pieces of board carved in the shape of canoe paddles. Lines were carved and painted on them to look like clothes. Hair was made of short strings of beads made from sun dried clay or wood. The figures were made without legs so they could not run away. When an important person died in old Egypt, many such doll figures were buried with them to serve in their afterlife. They looked like barbers, bakers, cooks, clowns, maids, actors, and musicians. They were supposed to be friends and servants for the dead person in the spirit world.”

Techniques to Demonstrate Day One:

  • How to begin designing a Paddle Doll inspired by the Egyptian culture.
  • How to lightly draw your designs onto you pre-cut Paddle Doll
  • How to implement balance, line, pattern, thought the design.
  • How to outline your design with black marker
  • How to color in your designs using colored maker

Techniques to Demonstrate Day Two:

  • How to create the distinct all black Paddle Doll face using the felt
  • How to create the dolls eyes using googlie eyes
  • How to add on twine and beads for the hair
  • How to create patterns in the hair using various bead sized, colors and shapes.

Topics to Discuss while Working:

  • Make sure to use the teacher examples and images provided to as reference and motivation when creating your own Paddle Doll
  • Make sure to create your designs and patterns onto you Paddle Doll by lightly drawing onto your pre-cut Paddle Doll board with pencil, so if you mess up you can easily erase and start over.
  • Use the ruler to get nice straight lines.
  • Outline the designs
  • Remember to tie off the twin so the beads do not fall off.

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